Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can range from traffic offenses to capital murder. No matter the severity of the charge, the outcome could be life changing, so it is important that you have an experienced defense attorney advocating for you throughout the entire process.

At Spencer & Taylor, PLC, we commonly deal with drug cases, which can vary from simple possession to manufacturing and distribution. There are many factors that can affect the outcome of your case, such as, prior convictions, intent to distribute, use of a firearm, proximity to a school, and the involvement of a minor. We have experience with every combination of factors.

With locations in Lexington and Buena Vista, the attorneys at Spencer & Taylor, PLC are accustomed to working with students from Washington & Lee University, Virginia Military Institute, and Southern Virginia University. Most commonly, students face alcohol-related charges, such as under-age drinking, using a fake ID, drunk in public, or under-age possession of alcohol.

Our attorneys have successfully worked with judges and prosecutors to mitigate the consequences of a young student's mistake.

Spencer & Taylor, PLC has also represented clients with criminal law issues including, but not limited to, probation revocation, expungements, restoration of driving privileges, and habitual offender hearings.

Our success comes from our persistent investigation into every aspect of the charge to discover all possible defenses. We dedicate time to factual and legal research in order to establish your strongest case. Throughout the process, we will maintain constant communication with you to ensure that we fully understand your situation and can represent you to our greatest ability.