General Litigation

Spencer & Taylor, PLC offers a depth of experience in general litigation and jury trials not commonly found outside of the largest law firms. At the same time, we provide a higher level of personal contact and guidance that assures your comfort, knowing that every aspect of your case will be handled carefully, competently, and thoroughly.

Our real estate litigation team handles boundary-line issues, road and easement disputes, title questions, and partitioning among co-owners.

Our medical malpractice work includes a committed network of medical professionals. In a medical malpractice case, it is essential that the medical records and quality of medical care issues be reviewed by competent medical practitioners. Working with these dedicated professionals, our attorneys are deeply committed to providing the highest level of representation in the complex area of medical malpractice litigation.

Our handling of personal injury cases is noted for prompt investigation and preservation of key evidence – both essential facets for a successful outcome in these cases. At Spencer & Taylor, PLC, we visit the site of the injury, interview key witnesses and secure the evidence essential to your claim as soon as possible. In the event that a settlement of your case prior to trial is not possible, the attorneys at Spencer & Taylor, PLC are prepared to present your case to the court or jury using the most effective means possible. We go the extra mile to assure that your case is presented clearly and thoroughly so that the best possible result is obtained.

“General litigation” is a term used to describe any matter that needs to go to court. It applies to felony cases as well as misdemeanors and civil cases in which a client is asking for damages or a ruling by a judge on a point of law.