Wills & Estate Planning

  Successful estate planning involves not only carrying out your desires with precision, but also assuring that those left behind have an easy task in settling your estate. At Spencer & Taylor, PLC, we use a wide array of the estate planning tools to carry out your estate plan including the following:

- Wills and Trusts

- Revocable Grantor Trusts

- Estate Tax Exemption Trust

- Qualified Terminable Interest Trust

- Charitable Annuity and Remainder Trust

The necessity for advanced estate planning is compounded in light of the ongoing debate over federal and state tax laws. We work with clients to get over the, sometimes difficult, threshold of just sitting down to deal with the many small decisions that add up to success throughout the process – from simply drafting a will to leaving the estate in the best possible condition for your heirs.

As of January 2018, federal estate tax law allows an untaxed inheritance of up to $11.18 million to be left to any heir, and an unlimited amount to a surviving spouse. This number will be increased by inflation each year. Although this is supposed to be a permanent resolution, history shows us that in estate tax law it is always possible that Congress could change the laws at any time.

Confusing? It’s a lot to keep up with, and that’s why we’re here to help. At Spencer & Taylor, our goal is to prepare an estate plan that will be easy to implement, smooth in administration, and minimal in the estate-tax burden it will create. Our expertise ensures that your estate will be left in the best possible condition.